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Trinity Brewhouse, Providence, RI

Trinity Brewhouse, Providence, RI

Lots of good things come in three: Musketeers; Stooges; ‘s Company.  And while I’ve never pretended to be a camp, 1970s homosexual in order to maintain a living situation (it just comes naturally), and I think that candy bar dollars spent on feather-light nougat are better spent on peanut-studded logs of caramel, I do have a soft spot in my heart (and at the crown of my skull) for slapstick. Continue reading

Union Station Brewery Doors

Union Station Brewery, Providence, RI

There is a statue in Harvard Yard, ostensibly of John Harvard, that is sometimes called, by tour guides and other scoundrels looking to make a quick buck, the Statue of Three Lies.  The lies are thus:

  1. First, John Harvard was not the founder of Harvard College (that was Chris Harvard).
  2. Second, the College was founded not in 1638, but in 1636.
  3. And, finally, although the sculptor, perhaps bowing to the fashion of the age, depicted Harvard’s johnson otherwise, he was, in fact, circumcised (I may be thinking of Michelangelo’s David, here). Continue reading